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Vanessa's Story

When I had started with the Excel center, I never imagined my certification would be CPhT. The Excel center guaranteed me this opportunity and I saw multiple opportunities. I am glad to say I have finally earned my certification and high school diploma after so much hard work! Before starting with the Excel center, I had no ambition in furthering my education. Until I came across the worst factory job, I knew I had to do something about my future. It wasn't too late, and money wasn't everything my parents gave me the opportunity to return back to school. I took that opportunity and today I can finally tell them thank you for this opportunity I now have a head start thanks to both of you. The excel center is filled with so many helping hands and kindhearted people, if it weren't for this school id be lost. This was my second attempt at a different certification the first one I failed. Thanks to Katies high expectations I was able to discipline myself and work hard. The best part was studying I learned so much something I didn't know I was cable of! With this certification I plan to further my education and possibly look for a job in this field. 

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