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Shirley's Story

 My name is Shirley Cooper. I was the mailroom manager at the Evening News and Tribune for the last 10 years. I knew I wasn't able to go any further in the company without an education. I wanted a change, I wanted something different, and I wanted my high school diploma! So I decided to join the Excel Center of Clarksville, IN. That was the best decision yet! They offer so much and KLR is one of the courses they offer. It was the one that interested me the most. I was scared to death when I started. I actually started a week late! But my instructor(Katie) was awesome, and helped me feel comfortable and was encouraging the whole way. I didn't feel rushed or left behind at any time during this course. I was very impressed with how well and easy it was to understand what was being taught! Being able to complete this course has opened up so many opportunities for my future. I plan on furthering my career as a pharmacy technician and I'm super excited to see what is next come!

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