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Shawntay's Story

Hello, My name is Shawntay Obrien and I was born and raised in Indianapolis, IN. I dropped out of High School at 18 years old during my senior year to support my family because my mom became sick. Many years went by and I always told myself I was too old to return back to school. I wanted to better myself, get my diploma, and earn a certification. I finally decided to enroll myself at the Excel Center in 2020. This was the best decision I made in a long time. Everyone here was so supportive even when I gave up on myself a few times. My coach, Mr. Sal always pushed me. During this time I decided to choose Pharmacy Technician. I always had a interest in medicine and how it will help treat patients. I was so excited about the training program and meeting my new teacher. When I first started it was a little overwhelming with trying to remember the material. Katie always gave me the support I needed and told me I could do this. Taking all the notes and giving me lots of assignments helped me the most. Katie is a great teacher and cares about her students pushing you to succeed. I was able to pass my National Exam with all her help. I am now looking for a job and really excited about starting my new job as a CPhT. 

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