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Saneika's Story

Hello, I’m Saneika W and I am currently living in Anderson, IN. I was a private student for KLR and this is where my success/achievement story begins. Omg I just turned 30 and what can I say I’ve accomplished in life other than my high school diploma and 12yrs of parenting, so I reach back into my thoughts and I’m “Like what do I enjoy?” “What do I have a passion for?” I know I love helping people, I know I can’t do extreme blood and guts. LOL so I say you know you did tell your mother you would do Pharmacy Tech if your sister did Neuroscience… Hmm big decisions or go home that’s what I’m thinking at this point. So, I go online looking for inexpensive schooling for Pharmacy Tech, as I’m searching, I see tons of online schools just staring back at me and I’m like decisions, decisions.  So, I edit my search bar and enter near me and KLR pops up. At first, I was just curious and wanted some insight on the requirements and qualifications and everything that she required for the class I had and was intrigued, So I call her, and I ask when she will be holding her next term for class and we talked and she seemed so nice, genuine and understanding which made the intake and the course overall so smoothly. Now let's get down to business, oh did I mention I haven’t been to school in 10 yrs. LOL end of summer and I receive an email from Ms. Katie saying she has an open spot for her August term class and would enjoy me being one of her upcoming students. I’m excited just knowing I’m approaching the ladder and ready for the next chapter in life to take off. August comes fast for sure especially when your anxious about meeting your instructor and classmates. Monday, Wednesday and Friday we have class and I’m extremely happy that I took initiative to take this course. The first two weeks was filled with us trying to get into rhythm of being on time and active in class and making sure were doing the assignments she assigned for us done and ON TIME! After getting adjusted and familiar with the class I did fall off a little bit only because I felt overwhelmed with assignments and homework, however Ms. Katie wasn’t going for that she insisted. I remain FOCUSED and have TUNNEL VISION for my GOALS. I can honestly say this was yet my best and she made sure to stay on me and not only just me but my fellow classmates to stay FOCUSED. I’ll say what I most enjoyed about the course was the REPETIVE learning she gave and little inside jokes for us to remember certain material. Now don’t get me wrong several times I wanted to quit just because life can give you lemons but honey to really want something you got to halt all your distractions and be the GO GETTER!!, and that’s exactly what I did, and I PASSED!!!! Now that I have obtained my CPhT, I am more than happy and grateful that Ms. Katie stayed on me to see my full potential and now I’m going to use my new license to help my family and start a new goal because not only did I approach the ladder I climbed it and made it to the top and it felt so good!!.....

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