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The 15 Best Traits of a Pharmacy Technician: According to Pharmacists

A pharmacy technician assists a pharmacist in several day-to-day pharmacy related tasks. Between triaging phone calls, handling controlled substances, preparing IV and chemotherapy medications, completing medication histories on patients, and more; the roles and responsibilities of the pharmacy technician continue to grow. But aside from taking a course, becoming certified, and showing up to work each day; how can you become an excellent pharmacy technician? KLR Pharmacy Technician Training School spoke with four different pharmacists all working in different roles. We asked them what they thought were the most important traits for a pharmacy technician to display and why.


Pharmacy technicians wear several different hats each day. Though a pharmacy technician is generally “assigned” to one specific role during a shift, there are so many opportunities for teamwork throughout the day. Almost all technicians will juggle answering and triaging phone calls, greeting customers, and more throughout each shift, and in addition will be responsible for helping cover other shifts while their co-workers take much needed breaks.

“So much of the responsibilities within a pharmacy are shared, even if divided into various shifts. A successful pharmacy technician is willing to step in and help others when needed and can work well with their colleagues.” - Jenna Gerhardt. PharmD, BCPS