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Job Expectations for the Inpatient Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy technicians can work in a multitude of different settings and one of the most versatile is the inpatient setting. Inpatient pharmacy technicians work in hospitals and mainly serve patients who are admitted to the hospital. Job responsibilities of the inpatient pharmacy technician can look much different than those given to retail pharmacy technicians.

Just like retail pharmacy technicians, inpatient pharmacy technicians have a main goal of assisting the pharmacist. One of the largest differences is who you will interact with during your workday. While in the retail setting, your “customers” are your patients – those coming into the pharmacy to receive their medications that have been prescribed to them by their physician. However, in the inpatient setting, pharmacy technicians rarely have the opportunity to work directly with patients. Instead, your “customers” are the hospital nurses, doctors, and other departments of the hospital.

Inpatient pharmacies generally consist of much more staff than a retail pharmacy setting. Most times there are several pharmacists and technicians working together, so it is important that the pharmacy technician works well with a group and be able to communicate effectively. Communication skills are of the utmost importance in such a setting so that important details related to patients and their medications are correctly distributed to the right person.

It is important to note that inpatient hospital pharmacy technicians are serving patients who are admitted to the hospital, and some may be staying in the hospital for care for a prolonged period of time.