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Crash Carts - What Are They?

A crash cart, commonly called a code cart, is found in many healthcare settings; specifically, those in which patients are at the most risk for a cardiac or respiratory event. Some of the areas in which you will find a crash cart include hospitals, emergency rooms, urgent care centers, outpatient surgery centers, and cardiac stress testing centers.

Crash carts are often made up as a set of drawers, trays, or shelves on a mobile cart that can be easily transported to different locations during emergencies for life support protocols to assist in saving a person’s life. Crash carts contain various medical supplies and medications needed during an emergency situation. These carts are used by the patient's medical team, and it is important that the items inside them be easy to locate. The contents of each drawer are well thought out, organized and labeled. Each cart has a locking device on it to ensure that all items that need to be in the cart are there and to protect against theft.