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Nicole's Story

The reason why I wanted to become a CPhT is because I had a couple bad experiences going to the pharmacy to get a prescription filled. The first time I had to get my youngest son's medicine because he had just gotten released from the hospital. I waited over two hours before I noticed and then the lady had an attitude with me out of nowhere so I looked over it the first time. The second time my oldest son caught Hand Foot and Mouth and we went to CVS to get the prescription filled , well I waited forty five minutes and this time I spoke up because my son was in pain. When I asked could I have a second trying to figure out if the Pharmacy was on break or not she asked the guy behind me to come up so after I got the medicine and went home I got online and I knew that I was going to take the class because I feel like I could make a difference. I am from Indianapolis Indiana and I was attending the Excel Center Shadeland. My experience from this class is to do what you are told and listen carefully. Take all the notes you have to take and study hard. Ms Katie was the best instructor. She will make sure a person gets the material and she has ways in doing so. What I enjoyed most about the class was that we went over the work together and we helped each other when needed. This whole class has really helped me so much because it was a learning experience just learning the things I didn't know about medicines and laws and schedules of drugs. I will be using my certification to go and work at a clinic or Hospital pharmacy. My goals are to attain a leadership role and to become an expert in the field.

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