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NaTaya's Story

My name is NaTaya and I found out about KLR Pharmacy Technician Training School through The Excel Center. I took the class early May 2022.  I was looking into getting my MA certification, but once one of my teachers, Maya Youghbor told me about the Pharmacy Technician Certification I was very interested. I reside in Carmel, Indiana and went to the Noblesville Excel Center. Being in this class I always made sure to try to get my work in on time and pay attention and class. That is what made me stay on top and pass with an A+.  Having Katie as my teacher was good for me because she is great at helping you through things, making sure you understand and thoroughly going through information even if it’s 100 times. I had a good experience with the class and Katie.  I enjoyed not only the necessary information we needed to know but other information that wasn’t necessary but could be helpful in the long run. Many people just teach you what you “need” to know but even if it was miscellaneous Katie shared the information with us. All the abbreviations we learned to help us remember certain terms helped me so much and was super fun to even create some of my own. I have passed my NHA exam and will be using it to start working as a pharmacy technician hopefully in a hospital. A goal I have in next is becoming a nurse. 

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