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Mindy's Story

My name is A. Mindy Hounkpe I'm from Benin, Africa. I come to the United States because of my mom I have three sisters. I will say I always want to be a nurse but before I can get the high school diploma, I need to have a certificate, so I choose pharmacy tech.  For me, Pharmacy tech was a good choice it helps me know that I can get many opportunities by being a CPhT and I learn a lot of new things. I enjoy this class by knowing that we have three schedules, top 200 drugs, and much more stuff. This course has a positive vibe in my life like Ms. Katie said "you can do hard things" which motivates me a lot, to focus on class. and doing your assignment help too.  After graduation, I don't know yet if I will start working as a CPhT because I'm planning to join the army maybe I will ask them if I can help people by being a CPhT and at the same time taking my nursing class. 

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