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McKayla's Story

What brought me to KLR Pharmacy Technician School is to see what impact my work can do to improve peoples lives. I took this class from May - June of 2022. I’m from kokomo Indiana and attend the Excel Center which is where I took the KLR Pharmacy Technician course. My process for this class was to have a note book for studying , homework, notes, and then quizzes. What also helped me with my memorization we’re flash cards. My experience with Katie was fun, motivating, and a good partnership. What I enjoyed about the class was how everyone came together to help learn and reach the point to become certified. What helped me most was the group me because everyone came together on that app to help everyone to was stuck. I will be using my certification to become a Pharmacy Tech for IU Hospital and to save up enough money to live on my own. 

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