Maya's Story

My name is Maya Hernandez, I am a future graduate from the Excel Center on Michigan St in Indianapolis, I am originally from Mexico and I currently work at a Hospital. I enrolled at the Excel Center in 20219 because I wanted to advance within my work organization but a high school diploma is required. When the time came for me to choose my certification I was uncertain about Pharmacy Technician. But after meeting with Katie and hearing her story my perspective totally changed. She gave me all the information that I needed; And knowing that she also graduated from the Excel Center was even better. Once I started the class I was fascinated with all the information provided and the opportunities in the work field. I love her dedication and the encouragement she gave to all her students. Currently I am waiting to finish my 40 core high school program so I will get my license and I will call Myself a National CPhT. Now the sky's the  limit  for me.