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Marsha's Story

My name is Marsha Smith from Indiana and I attended Excel Center in Noblesville IN. I became a mother at 17 years old and dropped out of school shortly before my senior year to care for my oldest son. I obtained a GED, but I really wasn’t satisfied with that, especially missing out being able to graduate with my class or continue my education as I had planned. I was married by the age of 20 and after that I had twins and became a homemaker and eventually began homeschooling my youngest son and daughter. While educating my kids. I often had regrets of not obtaining an actual diploma and had desires of attending nursing school. As time went on my oldest son graduated from Lawrence North and six years later the twins graduated high school in 2014 and Ivy tech in 2018. Having experienced watching my kids walk across the stage, while feeling a little apprehensive because of my age in the beginning, I decided now was the time to go back and obtain an official Core 40 diploma and attending college for a degree and pursue a career in Healthcare Administration. I started my journey with the Excel Center in 2018, but life happened, and I wasn’t able to continue due to my work schedule and the loss of my grandmother in 2017. I reenrolled and was able to focus on my studies and continue on my educational journey, The teachers at Excel Center were so supportive and always attentive in trying to work with me around my work schedule and I was advised that I needed to take a dual credit course in order to graduate. Once I saw the Pharmacology course it was a no brainer and I knew that it may be a little difficult at first, but once I met Katie and experienced her approach in helping her students, I was convinced I chose the right course. I felt so empowered by the end of the class and luckily, I passed my exam and became an official CPHT. I will forever feel grateful that a program such as Excel Center was afforded to me and in meeting all the wonderful teachers along my journey. The year of 2021 was absolutely a challenge for me and life changing for my family after losing two family members and divorcing my husband of 27 years, but I pushed through and decided I had to do something for me and never give up on myself as I had done in the past. My children and Mom are so proud of me and for the first time in a long time, I’m actually proud of myself and I know I can still accomplish my dreams!! I would like to thank the Excel Center and KLR Pharmacy Tech Training and now the sky’s the limit!!!

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