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LiLwona's Story

Hello everyone my name is LiLwona Pinner and I would like to let you all into my world, it all started back in 2018 my oldest son graduated from high school and I myself didn't have not one diploma LOL, so right then I decided that I was going to get that high school diploma because what kind of mother would I be if my boys graduated and I didn't, fast forward to the end of 2018 the beginning of 2019 my beautiful mother Linda Pinner became ill with cancer so I stayed in school as long as I could but as the months went on my mom got sicker and sicker so I had to stop and move her in with me, in December of 2019 she got her wings and went home to glory the best day of my life she was at peace. The time is August 2021 I got up off my butt and started back at the Excel Center on Shadeland I did all my classes after that my coach said I needed a trait so I went with the one that I thought was easy (Pharmacy Technician) boy was I wrong, but that was until I found out that Ms.Katie was my teacher yes in the beginning I did not like her she called sent emails the whole nine but as time went on she became the best teacher every, so I passed my BIG TEST and now I'm a CPhT. I enjoyed the class more than I thought I would my classmates were great and if you don't take anything from me take this ALWAYS STUDY and if you don't know something ask Ms. Katie she will ALWAYS pick up her phone.

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