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Leah's Story

My name is Leah and I’m from Anderson, IN. Finding out I was pregnant gave me the motivation to go back to school.  I continued going to the excel center and chose pharmacy tech as my certification to complete high school.  As soon as my last term started with Excel, I started KLR Pharmacy Technician Training School, which was one of my best decisions.  I chose pharmacy tech because I have always been interested in any type of health care and have thought about it for a while as well as it was 8 weeks and lasted as long as my last term right before I have my son.  My experience with Katie as my teacher for pharm tech was amazing and as long as you try there’s no way you won’t pass.  My favorite thing about the class is that the way she built everything, you will succeed and pass of course as long as you’re willing to put forth the effort.  The main thing that helped me in this class is that Katie stays connected with you, and you write so many notes.  Once I’m done with maternity leave, I will be using my certification to get a good job in a pharmacy and my goal is to get a nice car and my own place. 

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