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Lauren's Story

Hello everyone, my name is Lauren Liphard. I was part of Katie’s very first pharmacy technician course while completing my Core 40 diploma with the Excel Center. When I came to the Excel Center in July of 2019 I was a single mom going through a divorce, starting my journey with zero high school credits.  I was approached by one of my teachers, about half-way through my journey, and they told me that they thought I would be a amazing fit for the new certification course that they would be starting that term. I was on edge about taking a risk because I had no intention of entering the health care field, especially with having complications with my own health due to having Lupus. But as soon as I met Katie our stories as well as our personalities just clicked. I threw myself into learning anything and everything I possibly could about pharmacy. Katie gave me all the information I could’ve ever needed as well as answered all my questions, she ended up being the most amazing and dedicated teacher making her primary focus making sure her students graduated and opened up doors for an amazing career. At the end of my journey with the excel center I ended up graduating valedictorian of my class in February of 2020. Completing all 40 high school credits as well as my pharmacy technician course in just 6 months. I earned my Pharmacy Technician certification and necessary licensing during that time as well.  Shortly after graduating I accepted a offer to work with Katie as my supervisor at Riverview Hospital obtaining more knowledge and experience then I ever thought possible. I later went on to accept a offer being a chemotherapy data entry technician with Accredo Specialty Pharmacy a company partnered with Express Scripts/Cigna. I have excelled in my career since graduating and completing the pharmacy program. The Excel Center and Katie completely changed my life in just 1 year because they made me motivated to be successful and the best version of myself that I could be. I can’t thank them enough for what they have done for me and my family. 

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