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Krystle's Story

Hello my name is Krystle Mason, and Iam a student at the excel center located in Indianapolis, Indiana on Shadeland Ave. The question “ what brought me to KLR training school”;  would be the Excel center. The Excel center now requires you to either take up a certification class or dual classes. They have a lot to offer. I chose to be a pharmacy technician. Why, because it is still in the medical field! Literally, anything dealing with medicine or medical I’m in. Who would not want to know about medicines. Like what we take and the possible risks or what they can ! I want to know everything. “The sky's the limit” which means we can do anything and everything we put our minds to. KLR helped even more to prove that anything is possible! Katie, who is the instructor, is AWESOME! I told her any chance I could.There is a lot of note taking in her class. I brought a college notebook and it is filled from open to close! Not joking, I'm talking hand about to fall off! But I get why she did it. It was so the information that was given would stick in our heads so we would memorize the material. She is definitely tuff! It is all in the right way. She wants to see us succeed. I enjoyed being in her class. She let us in on her history and not to get pity from anyone but just to show that, no matter the struggle and I mean struggle, keep pushing because there is a light at the other end of the tunnel.

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