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Kenia's Story

Hi my name is Kenia and I am from Greenwood, Indiana . I attend the South east excel center in Indianapolis. I am a 20 year old single mother of a 10 month old boy . As soon as I found out the baby was coming I started working on getting myself together for our future whether I was going to do it alone or not ! I saw that the excel center offered this course and I joined because it seemed like an interesting fast career choice . My experience was both easy and hard. It was hard trying to balance school and giving it 100% and also taking care of my son, in the other hand, it was easy because miss Katie was on top of us all the time and she motivated us to do our best. I know she wants to see us all succeed! I enjoyed being in her class. Now that I have my certification I’ll finish up my last 2 classes and earn my diploma and start working in a hospital setting as a pharm tech.

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