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Kari's Story

My name is Kari Sims. I live in Indianapolis, Indiana, I am 42 years old and I currently care for my Grandma (82), My mom (62), my step-dad (67), and my husband(29). I just recently moved back in with all of them. I found out that three of them have a lot of problems and on a lot of different medications.  Before I started staying with them again, my mom would always ask me what kind of pill she was taking and what it was for. I would always look them up on my phone for her. Well  2 years ago in 2020, I made the biggest mistake of my life and tried  the worst drug ever (methamphetamine) and my step sons were taken from me. I promised them I would turn my life around. So in August  2020 I started going back to school to get my high school diploma. In February of 2022 I was asked if I wanted to become a certified pharmacy technician. Of course I said yes. I want to learn more about medications to help my family know more about what they were taken and what not to mix. I started classes with KLR Pharmacy Technician Training School on 2/21/2022 -4/22/2022 and I didn't pass the first class but started it again on 5/2/2022 till 6/24/2022. On 6/24/2022 I took my nationals at 9am and I was so happy that I had passed them. Mrs. Katie was my teacher and the best one I have ever had. The first thing we did was sign up for all media sites, then she had us set up for NHA. The next step was to make 9 sets of flash cards and snap pictures of them and turn them in. On the first day I would log in and have a virtual class. The first 15 minutes I would write down names of prescriptions and then have a little bit of questions to answer and go over in class. At the end of class she would assign  homework and a time for it to be turned in by. The hardest part was after midterms I had a lot of notes to take. My experience with Mrs. Katie was that if she didn't think you were trying and that you needed a little push she would be there to give you that little push and keep you on the right track. I learned that the more notes I took the more I learned. I will Mainly use my certification to help my family and also would like to use it for becoming a caregiver and/or registered  nurse. My goal  is to finish high-school by June of 2023 and altogether be certified in as many things as I can that is about health care so I can care for my family. Than I would like to get certified in anything that can help me care for my pets as well.

The main things I learned for Mrs. Katie and this class was if you don't try you won't succeed, and if you are not 10 minutes early then you are late, and last but not least  you can do anything that you put your mind to.  Study, study, study and take lots of notes. IF ALL TEACHERS PUSHED AND HAD CONFIDENCE IN STUDENTS  LIKE MRS. KATIE THERE WOULD BE A LOT MORE STUDENTS  THAT SUCCEED  IN THIS WORLD. This was the best class and experience I have ever had and she made it fun also.  Thank you for teaching me everything about becoming a certified pharmacy technician.

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