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Kali's Story

I have always been interested in learning about medications used in the pharmacy, so when I got the opportunity to learn about the medications and obtain my pharmacy technician certification I took it (hesitantly). I was attending the Shelbyville Excel Center before this class and a requirement for graduation is to obtain a certification. None of the certifications that were offered seemed to fit me, none but one, the pharmacy technician certification. I was beyond ready to start a new journey in my career but I didn’t believe that I could accomplish that goal. I started the class on August 1st, 2022 and finished on September 23, 2022. I truly did not think that in such a short period of time I could accomplish something so big, but I did. At the start of this class I did not understand a word that Katie was speaking, it was like she was speaking a foreign language. After a few weeks of Katie teaching me the information I started to understand it. I started to pass quizzes I never thought I would be able to pass. Katie really helped me accomplish my goal, she never once stopped believing in me, and she gave me th confidence I needed to pass the NHA exam. When Katie had approved me for the NHA exam I expressed my doubts in passing and Katie immediately shut down those negative thoughts and pushed me to give the exam a shot. I passed on my first try. Without Katie pushing me to believe in myself, I wouldn’t have gotten this far in my journey. This class was absolutely amazing. Katie, Naomi, Allison, and the students were a great support system. They were all very helpful and believed in me when I didn’t. I feel as if I didn’t pass because I studied, but I passed because I had some great people backing me up and an amazing teacher who could see I was ready even when I didn’t.I hope to use my certification in a hospital pharmacy. I look forward to facing all of the new challenges this journey may throw at me. After this class I now have a new sense of self confidence that I have never felt before. I do believe that you can accomplish your goals no matter what they may be if you believe in yourself and surround yourself with a great support system. Because of the kindness and support of the KLR Pharmacy Technician Certification course I will accomplish all of my goals and succeed in my journey.  

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