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Josh's Story

I attended the Excel Center in South Bend and to graduate you have to have a certification course under your belt. That isn't the only reason why I took this course though. I myself have 4 kids that I wanted to show how important it is to graduate high school. Also, I have an interest in pharmacy. I took this course from September 2022 through November 2022. When the class first started, I came in a little late, but Katie had given me a little extra time to catch up and that helped a lot. At first, I thought this class was going to be very hard, since you have to remember a lot of different stuff. Like all the medications there are, rules and regulations, and also the different types of machines that are used daily in a pharmacy. All the tricks and shortcuts that are taught on KLR are extremely helpful and had helped me pass the course. With the certificate I am going to try and get a job in pharmacy and then once I have a little experience in a pharmacy, I think I am going to go back to school to become a pharmacist. All in all, this course is extremely helpful and everyone that is involved in KLR are awesome. 

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