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Fateisha's Story

I’m from Memphis, TN and have been in the healthcare field for over 18 years. I currently work from home for a very large mail order pharmacy as a Resolution Team Lead (RTL) in the customer service call center. I also work as a CNA for an assisted living facility. I’ve always enjoyed working in the healthcare field specifically in patient care. I learned about KLR pharmacy training school from my daughter who was a previous student. Although I had completed all college prerequisites to enter a RN program, my interest was peaked due to my current role at the pharmacy. And once I learned about KLR I jumped at the opportunity to take the class. What I enjoyed most was that it was 8 week online course that fit into my work schedule. The instructor was very knowledgeable, thorough,  helpful and has a heart for all students to succeed. The one thing that was very helpful was that each lesson is taught in repetition which leads to mastery. I will be using my certification to work as a certified pharmacy technician and continue to further my career  in the pharmaceutical industry. 

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