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Destiny's Story

Hello my name is Destiny Smith. I am from Indianapolis Indiana. I started at the excel center in march of 2022 and needed just a few more credits to graduate. I also needed to take a certification class. There was only a limited amount of certification classes I could take pharmacy technician being one of those classes. I’ve always been intrigued by the health care field. I chose pharmacy tech because it was the closest thing to the health care field I could find. Now at first I was never really interested in pharmacy but I needed it to graduate. As I started taking the class I started to love it. It really caught my attention. I was fascinated to learn about all the different medications and what they are used for! There was a lot of valuable information I learned that I never thought I would comprehend. Taking the class at first was super hard! I remember thinking to myself that I would not be able to pass this class. That it was just to hard. But ms Katie definitely changed my mind real fast! She helped me so much and her way of teaching was just incredible! We went over things over and over again and that really helped me because I’m not good at memorization but going over it more than once helped it stick in my head. I loved how she even had little clues to help us remember things. I think the clues is what helped me the most! I enjoyed taking this class and now that I past my national I am excited to see what life has to offer me working as a pharmacy technician! 

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