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Alexis's Story

My name is Alexis Cole, and I took KLR Pharmacy Technician Training School in December of 2022. I passed my NHA in February of 2023. Here’s a little bit about my story. I always did very good in school, I had scholarships and was in honors classes. I was very determined to finish school and go to college to be a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner. I was also going to Prosser and
became CPR and First Aid certified. I made it all the way to my senior year, and I started that year PREGNANT. So I was 17 years old, not knowing what I was getting myself into being pregnant in highschool. I felt very slow, stupid, lost. I felt like I wasn’t even at school when I was. Anything I learned I would forget in 5 seconds. Then on top of it, I started getting sick everyday. So, I dropped out of school, and gave birth to my handsome son March 20, 2019. Fast forward
3 years and I am in a new relationship and we have a beautiful babygirl. I decided that I needed to do something with my life and finish school so I could try to go to college or get a better job. That’s when I remembered one of my highschool teachers had told me about the Excel Center, so I enrolled online. I started going there and flying through my credits. They offer certifications
so I decided to do the Pharmacy Technician Certification. That was one of the best decisions I have ever made. KLR Pharmacy Technician Training School is an awesome class to take to help you pass your NHA. Katie is an amazing teacher and will help you through the class. She makes sure you know EVERYTHING you need to know. All the assignments helped a whole lot
and are very worth it. Now, thanks to KLR I am a CPht at 21 years old. I am going to get a Pharmacy job, preferably not retail. I am going to continue furthering my career and education. It’s only up from here.

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