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Brenda's Story

I took the class in December of 2022. I’m from Indianapolis, Indiana. I use to be interested in Pharmacy a few years ago when I was deciding what I wanted to do after high school. Then one day I came across a flyer about pharmacy technician classes for 8 weeks and thought I’d give it a try! Coming into this class with complete strangers was a bit nerve wracking, but Katie definitely made everyone feel comfortable. I was an independent student because I still had a full time job. I’d come home and get right into studying and doing homework. One advice i’d give is to keep up with your assignments! Once you fall behind it can be a little hard to catch back up. You can always go to Katie with anything that you are struggling with. What I enjoyed most about the class is all the guest speakers we got to talk to and how everyone would help each other! With my certification, my goals are to get a pharmacy technician job at a home infusion center! 

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