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Moriah's Story

As someone who comes from a financially unstable background I wanted  a job that would give me security. That’s why, even though I planned to go to college and was already taking dual credit classes to prepare me for that, I decided to also join a training program to become a certified pharmacy technician. Therefore, my main reason for doing this was so that I could improve my situation and support myself through school. Making the decision to start this course on May second in Indiana was a wonderful choice for me. Although it’s been a hectic eight weeks I learned a lot of valuable skills that I will be able to draw from for the rest of my life. While this class did have a lot of work and it required me to be completely dedicated it was worth every struggle. However, I never would have been able to get through it if I didn’t have a wonderful teacher encouraging me to give everything I had. It was her, as well as the dedication that the other students demonstrated, which helped me the most. With the certification that I gained with the help of this course I plan to work in a retail pharmacy. I would also like to try my hand at working as a pharmacy technician of a veterinary clinic. Either way, I know that with such a versatile certification all doors are open to me and the possibilities are endless. 

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