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Keeley's Story

I started at the Excel Center in January of 2022 and as I was going through my classes I was told I needed to earn a certification or a certain amount of college credits to move forward with graduation. As I was deciding between them all, I decided to look more into the Pharmacy Tech field and decided it would be the best fit for me. The benefits, the growth rate in the career field, and it also will help with my long term goal being in a field of psychiatry. I’m from Bloomington, Indiana and taking this class was definitely a change from my regular schedule at the Excel Center, but it was one that I got into quite easily and once I started the class I easily got into it and was very eager to learn all Ms. Katie had to teach about pharmacy! This class was definitely a challenging class and it was a lot of hard work and effort, but I’m more then grateful that I was able to take it because Katie was one of the best teachers I’ve had, and even when I would have lots of questions or even struggle with remembering some things she nearly always had a clue or tip to share. What helped me MOST during this class was remembering the clues that would come along with each thing. Like the end of medications for example. How medications that end in OLOL are Beta Blockers and ones that end in CONAZOLE are for fungal infections. These type of tricks definitely helped me the most in getting through the class. My goals for the end of this class and going into the field are to get a job in either a retail physical or a hospital pharmacy and work my way up. I haven’t yet decided which I want to go for, but plan on looking more into it and applying places as I get closer to graduation.

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