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Veronica's Story

My name is Veronica Landeros. I became a student in December 2022 and passed my national exam in February 2023! I chose this course because I needed it to pass my graduation requirements. I also chose It because I wanted to learn about Pharmacy and how it works and now here I am a certified pharmacy technician. I am from San Jose, California but my parents moved to indianapolis when i was a baby so I grew up here and lived here all my life. The teacher for this course, Katie, was a nice and amazing instructor. She really helped us get prepared for tests and exams by making sure we studied and focused. What I enjoyed about this class were the assignments because they really helped with memorizing a lot of the work from this class and the things I had to focus on. My goals Next is to work at Amazon pharmacy because of the good things I've heard from there. And I want to be the best role model for anyone who decides to take this class. It was a good experience and you will love it thanks to Katie and the other instructors. 

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