Clara's Story

I'm from Colombia and I arrived in the United States about 34 years ago. For different reasons I could not have access to my high school diploma, so I desired to enroll in Excel Center in Bloomington Indiana. There I met beautiful people that encouraged me to continue my education even though I thought it was a little too late for me to continue. I'm 59 years old and desired that maybe it was not really too late to do it, but I did not want anything that would take me too long to finish and wanted to do something that gives me the opportunity to help someone. I learned English on my own, and as for now I am still learning. This course makes it much easier for me to continue, because I had the chance to go over the material repeatedly which helped me memorize even those new words that I was not familiar with. My plan is to finish high school, then apply for a job that helps me to help others. My instructor has been very helpful and made it possible for me to get to my goal.