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Cheyenne's Story

I started at KLR Pharmacy Tech School in May 2021 & received my license in August that same year. I was a graduate of The Excel Center University Heights & was able to come back for a second certification, in which I chose to obtain my CPhT. I’m from Indianapolis, Indiana & prior to taking this class, I was working dead end jobs that barely paid enough to make ends meet. I have 3 kids so I needed a better paying & stable career. Being a pharmacy technician had always been in the back of my head but I never thought I would actually take the steps to become licensed & certified.  While taking this class, I made sure to take notes... a BUNCH of notes, listening to Katie was also a big help as well! I loved having Katie as a teacher, she made sure you completely understood the material, whether it was her quizzing us during class, randomly calling on one of us or by giving us homework specific to the material we learned that day. I enjoyed that this class wasn’t just a “business only” class, we all got along great & there was always jokes & stories being told! There is definitely so much more I could say about Katie, as a person & as a teacher, but to keep this simple & sweet, she is sweet but also determined to teach you all the materials needed for you to obtain your CPhT. I will be using my certification to put my foot in the door & getting some trainings as a tech. I do, however, want to end up in a hospital working as a pharmacy technician in a few years! 

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