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Cecilia's Story

Hello future Pharmacy Techs! My name is Cecilia Davis. I am from Anderson, Indiana. I attended the Excel Center in Anderson during 2019 and while attending I was offered to be a part of Katie’s Pharmacy class. Before attending the Excel Center I was an office cleaner in Downtown Anderson and a mom of two. As my kids began to get older, the more I reflected on my education and I questioned how I could pressure them with school when I never completed it. So I made the decision to go back. Not too long after starting at the Excel Center my life coach talked to me about Katie’s Pharmacy class. I was unsure about it being the right fit for me, even more so after the first couple weeks. It was a lot, and it was fast. The first time taking my national, I did not pass. So I went back the following term. Then Covid hit, testing was different and I was so sure that the second time I was going to pass. But I didn’t, I was off by 8 points. I had given up for a while, I felt defeated and like I was never going to pass it. One day, months down the road Katie reached out to me. She said something that hit a nerve that needed to be hit. She asked me, what would you tell your child if they were you right now? She asked me if I would be okay with them giving up on something they have invested so much time in, and my answer was no, without hesitation. So I went back one last time, and I gave the class my everything! That third time I took the national, I passed. If it wasn’t for Katie pushing me and cheering me on the whole way, I’m not sure if I would have made it. She is an amazing teacher and she wants to see you succeed just as bad as you want to succeed. But you have to put forth the effort. After becoming certified I worked at a Long Term Care Pharmacy called Pharmerica for almost a year. Later I moved on to Riverview Health in Noblesville, Indiana. The best thing about KLR is Katie herself. She doesn’t do this for her, she does this for the students and she is absolutely amazing at what she does. If it wasn’t for the Excel Center or Katie I wouldn’t be where I am today.  

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