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Brandon's Story

I came across this class by chance. I was in a pinch and had a weird schedule, so this class was the only class that fit my schedule, and honestly at first I really didn't even want to take the class in the first place. This was earlier in the term around August on top of having a weird schedule. I was also crunched for time and needed to finish school by late September, because I was moving to Colorado but I ended up being really good at pharmacy tech. So I actually liked it because it came easy to me. I am from Indianapolis, Indiana. I am 26 years old and was born and raised here. My family is kind of dysfunctional, so things weren't easy for me growing up. I even fell in with the wrong crowds when I was originally in high school. But I digress, this class was easy for me at least, almost everything I was taught clicked immediately. I would do the work in increments so as to not get overwhelmed with 5 assignments each class. Some things were last minute things I did either from being busy at home or not realizing I was assigned something. I really didn't do much self-studying, everything I learned was from class and assignments. The teacher Katie is amazing, she is fun and strict, she is punctual and prepared. The way she had everything so organized and easy to access was so helpful and made navigation easier. She was also very helpful with assignments and personal issues; she was like a teacher and a friend. Thank you, Ms. Katie! My future goal is to get a pharmacy tech job out in Colorado, and then maybe take the next step later and become a full-fledged pharmacist. A quote from one of my favorite video games “Moving on up in the world eh” - Courier - Skyrim.

Again, Thank you so much Katie! 

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