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Ashley's Story

When I started back to school I knew I wanted to at least earn my high school diploma to better my future. I knew I would have the opportunity to make something of myself and start a legitimate career. When this class was spoken of and I was told I could receive a certification I was excited. This is a career choice that just fits with me because of my personal wants in life. I knew that this class having availability for me would be exciting and successful, and I was right. I not only was given an awesome instructor that told me exactly what I needed to hear, learn, and expect but gave me a sense of knowledge about being a pharmacy technician. The information is not only helpful in passing the National Exam but will help with continual education. When I started I was not quite sure what I would have to know but I had an idea. I not only learned useful things I would need to know on reading prescriptions but also learned about medications and their effects. Having this information not only will help me in my future career but also in being a mother having the awareness of certain medications. It’s become information I can use at work or within my home life as a mother. I’m grateful to have been a student of KLR Pharmacy Technician Training School, but it has also been a blessing from God! I also learned about the many doors this certification has opened up than I had assumed. I plan on starting off in retail and growing from there since I now know the opportunities this has given me. Thanks to all that has been a part of sharing this opportunity with many students in order to help us better our career and its future! God bless everyone and thanks again for all you do!

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