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Anthony's Story

What brought me to the KLR Pharmacy Technician School was my goal to better myself. I reached a turning point in my life when I was in a place where I felt discouraged, angry and outraged by the situation I was in.  As I was searching for an answer, I knew what I needed to do to achieve the knowledge I needed to pursue my path in the medical field. I reached out to Katie in February 2022 and enrolled in her 4 Term Pharmacy Technician Course. I had no problem enrolling into her Pharmacy Technician course. Katie was more than willing to discuss all that I would need and was straightforward, and honest about making it her journey to help me in my success as much as it was my own. I was so grateful I had finally got an answer to my long-awaited question. I am from Hawaiian Gardens CA. In my younger years I had made some real bad decisions and got into lots of trouble.  Enough was enough I was losing everything around me, myself most importantly and knew I needed to change. Fast forward over a decade and I was fortunate enough to accept a job that led me to the State of Indiana where I have been living for the last 3 years. During the class the feeling felt unreal. I would log into my class and connect with people I never thought I would share so much information learning from one another and understanding the assignments were easy going. What I enjoyed most about the class was the flexibility I had to work into my schedule for work and being with my family. What helped me most in the class was the content that I needed to learn and the form in which it was presented. Katie does an amazing job at making the course easy to remember and interact with. Furthermore, I was summoned to appear in front of the PLA I was so nervous upon review but thanks to Katie and Allison I was given the confidence I needed to overcome my fear and if it wasn’t for their efforts and resources, I would have been unable to reach my goals in such a sufficient amount of time. I am proud and my family is proud now that I am certified and Licensed as a Pharmacy Technician in the state of Indiana. I plan on using my credentials to become a level 3 or higher Technician for the IU hospital as I am currently working for the IU Hospital. Also going back to school to advance my career in medicine.   Thank you on behalf of my family for all the support from KLR and all associates staff and guest speakers who were apart of making my path a reality. 

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